Unlock Your Potential as a High-Ticket Coach!

Learn How To Build & Scale A High Ticket Coaching Business from A-Z!

Master The Art of High Ticket Selling And Help Your Students To Achieve Their Goals While Building A Lucrative Income Stream.

Learn How We Can Help You To Transform Your Skill Into A High Ticket Coaching Program! 👇

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"You can make more money teaching a High Demand Skill than performing that Skill yourself." - Pele.

About me

My name is Pele Francis. 
I have been running my own online businesses since 2017 and have generated millions of dollars in online sales!

I started by running my own ecommerce stores and quickly realised the value in the business model I had discovered.

I had trained multiple people up until 2019 in ecommerce but didn't have a proper system or process for charging people for my skills. 

So I decided to put everything I knew about ecommerce into a step by step training that anyone could replicate and have the same success with and launched it as a program that people could buy to learn from.

Long story short, I've since helped over 2000 people to build an extra income stream with ecommerce and many millions of dollars in sales of High Ticket Digital products later..

I have now revealed the blueprint to my coaching success in an easy to follow blueprint that will take you from a regular old Joe with a skill...

To a High Impact Authority Coach worthy of charging thousands of dollars per program.

Program Curriculum:

          1. Intro to High Ticket.

          2. High Ticket Selling.

          3. The Customer Journey.

          4. Creating Your Offer.

          5. Building Your Program.

          6. Video Editing Walkthrough.

          7. Creating Your Website.

          8. Building Your Membership Site.

          9. Contracts & Billing.

          10. IG DM Appt Setting.

          11. Phone Scripts.

          12. Closing Calls.

          13. Instagram Branding.

          14. Meta Business Setup.

          15. Making Ad Creatives.

          16. Meta Dm Ads.

          17. Meta Direct Website Ads.

          18. Retargetting.

          19. TikTok Organic Traffic.

          20. Social Proof.

          21. TikTok Paid Advertising.

          22. Launching Your Program.

          23. Hiring Virtual Staff.

          Why Sell High Ticket Digital Products?

          • Little overheads to start and operate. - Selling digital products requires minimal upfront investment and ongoing expenses, allowing you to start and run your business with minimal financial burden.
          • Build your personal brand. - Selling digital products allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field, gain credibility, and attract more customers and business opportunities by consistently delivering high-quality offerings and providing value to your audience.
          • The greater the impact, the greater you can charge. - When your digital products make a significant positive impact on people's lives, you can command higher prices, reflecting the value of the impact you provide.
          • Low fulfilment cost. - Delivering digital products incurs negligible costs compared to physical goods, saving you money on storage, packaging, and shipping.
          • Skills are always in demand. - Digital products are driven by valuable skills and knowledge, ensuring a constant demand for your expertise and creating income opportunities.
          • Build your network. - Selling digital products enables you to forge valuable connections within your industry, expanding your professional network and opening doors to new partnerships and collaborations.
          • Empower people and yourself. - Through your digital products, you have the power to empower others by sharing knowledge, solving problems, and transforming lives, while also experiencing personal growth and fulfillment in the process.
          • Flexible work schedule. - Selling digital products allows you to have a flexible work schedule, giving you the freedom to work on your own terms and balance other personal or professional commitments.
          • Global collaboration. - Through digital products, you can collaborate with professionals and experts from around the world, fostering international partnerships and leveraging diverse perspectives to enhance your offerings.
          • Continuous learning. - Creating and selling digital products will help you in staying up-to-date with industry trends and advancements, which encourages continuous learning and personal growth.
          • Scalable pricing models. - Digital products offer flexibility in pricing models, allowing you to experiment with different strategies such as tiered pricing, subscriptions, or upselling, maximising your revenue potential.
          • And a lot more...

          Have A Positive Impact On Peoples Lives!

          Some of The 1800+ Success Stories From My Ecommerce Program...

          Build Your Personal Brand!

          Supported by Floyd Mayweather

          Yes, you read that right. Floyd Mayweather the world renowned best lb for lb fighter in the world personally sent me this video to congratulate me on helping so many people with my E-Commerce Mastermind.

          Recognised by Grant Cardone

          I got the attention of The Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone, who reached out to congratulate me for the work I have been doing with my students!

          We'll Show You How to Create Your Customers With a Blueprint that could Change Their Life for the Better!

          Easy to follow - Step By Step Training from A-Z...

          Provide them with the Winning Blueprint!!

          World Class Fulfilment Processes!!

          Done for you Sales Scripts & Website Templates...

          Unlock Your Potential as a High-Ticket Coach!

          Learn How To Build & Scale A High Ticket Coaching Business from A-Z!

          Master The Art of High Ticket Selling And Help Your Students To Achieve Their Goals While Building A Lucrative Income Stream.

          Learn How We Can Help You To Transform Your Skill Into A High Ticket Coaching Program! 👇

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